Flo Pod Turbo

The FLO-POD™ is a simple to use powered air respirator for use against fine dust, particulate spray or micro-organisms. Powered by a belt mounted battery pack the FLO-POD™ is designed to fit directly into the visor of compatible suits and hoods, allowing the user full operational freedom.

Designed from the outset to be comfortable and simple to use, the FLO-POD™ requires little familiarisation prior to use and is lightweight and quiet in operation.

This product is now discontinued.

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Características del Producto

  • Low energy, low-noise turbo, designed for optimum flow with maximum comfort
  • No calibration required - Performs a full self-test on start-up 
  • Four or eight-hour rechargeable battery pack with fast charger, or 6xAA battery pack for up to four hours use (depending on battery brand/model)
  • Uses single P3 screw on filter
  • Low-flow warning if airflow drops below the Manufacturer’s Minimum Design Flow (MMDF) of 130 L/min
  • Noise level at the ear 68dBA with a clean filter
  • EMC tested for compatibility with other electrical equipment
  • Intelligent fast charger (for rechargeable battery packs) prevents battery overcharging or damage (charging in up to three or six hours depending on battery model)
  • Low battery warning

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Flo Pod Turbo

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