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    Customer Service

    If you have a problem with your Respirex product, our dedicated quality and support team are here to help. We offer a repair facility at our Redhill factory, please call us or use the form to get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

    Call us on +44 (0) 1737 778660 - our office are open 8.30am until 5pm (UK time) or use the dedicated contact forms



    A comprehensive equipment testing service from Respirex designed to help you comply with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

    Our skilled and fully trained Service Engineers provide third party certification for your equipment that helps with a safety audit trail for the HSE and assist you to ensure that the equipment is suitable for use and complies with the latest regulations.


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    Material Testing

    We test every element of our products to ensure their safety, performance and comfort. Some testing is carried out at our factory while some is undertaken for us at specialist accredited testing laboratories. 

    We thoroughly test our materials for their chemical resistance at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for chemical permeation testing and for testing the physical properties of materials. We regularly re-test our fabrics and seams to ensure quality. 



    PermaSURE® is a new software tool designed to help answer one simple question: How long can I work safely in this environment?

    Using the latest toxicity modelling techniques, the PermaSURE® app calculates your safe working time based on the chemical you are working with, the extent of your exposure, the suit you are using and the suit temperature.


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    Chemline Advisory Service

    Chemline is a specialist post-incident advisory service for hazardous materials (Hazmat) emergency teams. Chemline can call on over 20 years of experience of the ways in which various chemicals affect different protective fabrics.

    This truly independent subscription based service was set up in 1997, at the behest of CACFOA, to advise whether chemical protective clothing (CPC) can safely be re-used following a chemical incident. 



    Respirex manufacture protective garments from a wide range of high-performance materials.


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    Chemical CAS Number Chemprotex™ 300 Neoprene PVC C2 Viton®/Butyl/Viton® (VBV) Viton®/Butyl/Polyester (VBP) Butyl Viton® Laminate Chemprotex™ 400 Tychem® TK
    ‘Roundup’ weedkiller n/a >480mins >480mins
    acetaldehyde 75-07-0 >480mins >10mins <10mins >480mins >480mins >30mins >480mins >480mins
    acetic acid, 10% 64-19-7 >480mins >480mins
    acetic acid, 30% 64-19-7 >480mins >480mins
    acetic acid, glacial 64-19-7 >480mins >300mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acetic anhydride 108-24-7 >480mins >300mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acetone 67-64-1 >480mins >10mins >480mins >300mins >240mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acetone cyanohydrin 75-86-5 >480mins
    acetonitrile 75-05-8 >480mins >30mins <10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acetophenone 98-86-2 >480mins >30mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acrylamide 50% 79-06-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acrylic acid 79-10-7 >480mins >180mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    acrylonitrile 107-13-1 >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >300mins >480mins >480mins
    allyl alcohol 107-18-6 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    allyl chloride 107-05-01 <10mins <10mins >60mins >10mins <10mins >480mins
    ammonia gas 7664-41-7 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ammonia solution, 35% 1336-21-6 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ammonium hydroxide (35% NH3 in water) 1336-21-6 >480mins >480mins
    ammonium nitrate sat. 6484-52-2 >480mins
    amyl acetate 628-63-7 >480mins >10mins >10mins >240mins >60mins >30mins >480mins >480mins
    aniline 62-53-3 >480mins >60mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    aviation fuel n/a >480mins >120mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    benzene 71-43-2 >30mins <10mins <10mins >420mins >240mins >10mins >360mins >480mins
    benzonitrile 100-47-0 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    benzoyl chloride 98-88-4 >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >60mins >480mins >480mins
    benzyl alcohol 100-51-6 >480mins >480mins >120mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    benzyl chloride 100-44-7 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    brake fluid Mobil DTE 25 n/a >120mins >480mins >480mins >120mins
    bromine 7726-95-6 <10mins
    bromine liquid 7726-95-6 <10mins >10mins >480mins >240mins <10mins <10mins
    butadiene, 1,3- 106-99-0 >480mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    butane 106-97-8 >480mins >480mins
    butanol n- 71-36-3 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    butyl acetate 123-86-4 >480mins
    butyl aldehyde 123-72-8 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    butyl ether n- 142-96-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    carbon disulphide 75-15-0 >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    chlorine gas 7782-50-5 >480mins >480mins >180mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    chloroacetic acid 85% 79-11-8 >480mins >480mins
    chlorobenzene 108-90-7 >240mins <10mins <10mins >480mins >300mins <10mins >360mins >480mins
    chloroethanol 2- 107-07-3 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    chloroform 67-66-3 <10mins <10mins <10mins >420mins >120mins <10mins >60mins >480mins
    chloromethane gas 74-87-3 >60mins >480mins >480mins
    chlorosulphonic acid 7790-94-5 >10mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    cresol m- 108-39-4 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    cyclohexane 110-82-7 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    cyclohexanone 108-94-1 >480mins >30mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >300mins >480mins
    di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate 117-81-7 >480mins >480mins
    dibromomethane 74-95-3 <10mins >480mins >120mins >10mins
    dichlorodimethysilane 75-78-5 >480mins >480mins
    dichloromethane 75-09-2 >480mins <10mins >60mins >10mins <10mins >240mins >480mins >480mins
    diesel fuel n/a >480mins >480mins >480mins
    diethylamine 109-89-7 >10mins <10mins >60mins >10mins <10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    diethylsulphate 64-67-5 >480mins >480mins
    dimethyl formamide 68-12-2 >480mins >30mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    dimethyl sulphate 77-78-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    dimethyl sulphide 75-18-3 >10mins >60mins
    dimethylacetamide, N,N- 127-19-5 >480mins >30mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    dioxane 1,4- 123-91-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    epichlorohydrin 106-89-8 >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ethanol 64-17-5 >480mins >480mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ethanolamine 141-43-5 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ethyl acetate 141-78-6 >480mins <10mins <10mins >180mins >60mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ethyl benzene 100-41-4 >10mins >10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins
    ethyl cellosolve acetate 111-15-9 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ethylene diamine 107-15-3 >480mins >480mins
    ethylene dibromide 106-93-4 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    ethylene dichloride 107-06-2 >480mins
    ethylene glycol 107-21-1 >480mins >480mins
    ethylene oxide 75-21-8 >480mins >10mins >480mins >120mins >480mins >480mins
    formaldehyde, 37% sol 50-00-0 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    formic acid 96% 64-18-6 >480mins >480mins
    formic acid, 30% - 90% 64-18-6 >480mins >480mins
    furaldehyde 2- 98-01-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    furfural 98-01-1 >60mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    glutaraldehyde 5% 111-30-8 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    heptane 142-82-5 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins
    hexamethylene diisocyanate 822-06-0 >180mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    hexane 110-54-3 >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins
    hydrazine 302-01-2 >480mins
    hydrazine hydrate 7803-57-8 >480mins >480mins
    hydrazine monohydrate 7803-57-8 >480mins >480mins
    hydrochloric acid 36% 7647-01-0 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    hydrochloric acid 37% 7647-01-0 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    hydrofluoric acid 48% 7664-39-3 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    hydrofluoric acid 73% 7664-39-3 >480mins >240mins >10mins >480mins >480mins
    hydrogen chloride gas 7647-01-0 >480mins >120mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    hydrogen fluoride gas 7664-39-3 >300mins >10mins >120mins >120mins >10mins >300mins >480mins
    hydrogen fluoride liquid 7664-39-3 >180mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >180mins >480mins
    hydrogen peroxide 27.5% 7722-84-1 >480mins >480mins
    hydrogen peroxide 30% 7722-84-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    kerosene 8008-20-8 >480mins >480mins
    lactic acid 50-21-5 >480mins >480mins
    lactic acid, 40% 50-21-5 >480mins >480mins
    mercuric chloride (sat. solution) 7487-94-7 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    methacrylic acid 79-41-4 >480mins >60mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >240mins >480mins >480mins
    methane sulphonyl chloride 124-63-0 >180mins
    methanol 67-56-1 >480mins >480mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    methyl acrylate 96-33-3 >480mins >10mins <10mins >300mins >60mins >30mins >480mins >480mins
    methyl chloride 74-87-3 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    methyl ethyl ketone (M.E.K) 2-butanone 78-93-3 >480mins <10mins >360mins >60mins >60mins >480mins >480mins
    methyl mercaptan 74-93-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    methyl methacrylate 80-62-6 >480mins <10mins >120mins >30mins >10mins >480mins >480mins
    methyl pyrolidone, n 872-50-4 >480mins >480mins
    methyl vinyl ketone 78-94-4 >480mins >10mins <10mins >480mins >300mins >480mins
    methyl-t-butyl-ether 1634-04-4 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    methylene bromide 74-95-3 >480mins >480mins
    nicotine 54-11-5 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    nitric acid 7697-37-2 >480mins
    nitric acid (>90% fuming) 7697-37-2 >480mins >480mins
    nitric acid 10% 7697-37-2 >480mins >480mins
    nitric acid 60% - 70% 7697-37-2 >480mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    nitric acid 70% conc 7697-37-2 >480mins >480mins
    nitric acid, fuming 7697-37-2 >30mins >300mins >360mins
    nitrobenzene 98-95-3 >480mins >60mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    nitromethane 96% 75-52-5 >480mins >480mins
    oleum (15% free SO3) 8014-95-7 >480mins >480mins
    oleum 30% 8014-95-7 >240mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >120mins
    oleum 40% SO3 8014-95-7 >480mins
    oxalic acid saturated solution 6153-56-6 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    perchloric acid 7601-90-3 >480mins >480mins
    petrol - unleaded 8006-61-9 >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins
    petrol, leaded n/a >480mins >480mins >480mins
    phenol 85% aqueous 108-95-2 >480mins >360mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    phenol, liquid -41 °C 108-95-2 >60mins >30mins >480mins >480mins >120mins
    phenol, solid 108-95-2 >480mins >300mins
    phosgene 75-44-5 >10mins >480mins >120mins >480mins
    phosphoric acid 20% 7664-38-2 >480mins >480mins
    phosphoric acid 85% 7664-38-2 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    phosphorus oxytrichloride 10025-87-3 >420mins >420mins
    phosphorus trichloride 7719-12-2 <10mins >300mins <10mins >480mins
    potassium chromate (sat. solution) 7789-00-6 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    potassium hydroxide 40% 1310-58-3 >480mins >480mins
    propan-2-ol 67-63-0 >480mins >480mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    propylene oxide 75-56-9 >480mins <10mins >60mins >10mins >10mins >480mins >480mins
    pyridine 110-86-1 >480mins >10mins <10mins >300mins >120mins >180mins >480mins >480mins
    sodium cyanide 45% 143-33-9 >480mins >480mins
    sodium hydroxide 40% 1310-73-2 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    sodium hypochlorite (12% chlorine) 7681-52-9 >480mins >480mins
    sodium hypochlorite 13% 7681-52-9 >480mins >480mins
    styrene 100-42-5 >480mins >10mins >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins
    sulphur dioxide 7446-09-5 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    sulphuric acid 10% - 50% 7664-93-9 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    sulphuric acid 50% 7664-93-9 >480mins >480mins >480mins
    sulphuric acid 95-98% 7664-93-9 >480mins >480mins
    sulphuric acid 99% 7664-93-9 >480mins >300mins >120mins >480mins >480mins >300mins >480mins >480mins
    tetrachloroethylene 127-18-4 >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins
    tetraethyl lead (Octel Anti Knock) 78-00-2 >480mins
    tetrahydrofuran 109-99-9 >30mins <10mins <10mins >30mins >10mins <10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    thionyl chloride 7719-09-7 <10mins >300mins
    toluene 108-88-3 >120mins <10mins <10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    toluene-2,4-diisocyanate 584-84-9 >480mins >60mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    toluidine, o- 95-53-4 >480mins >60mins >60mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    trichloroacetic acid 80% 650-51-1 >480mins >480mins
    trichlorobenzene, 1,2,4- 120-82-1 >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins >480mins
    trichloroethane 71-55-6 >480mins
    trichloroethylene 79-01-6 >10mins <10mins <10mins >480mins >300mins >30mins >480mins
    triethylamine 121-44-8 >120mins >10mins >10mins >480mins >480mins >10mins >480mins >480mins
    trifluoroacetic acid 76-05-1 >480mins >480mins >30mins >480mins
    vinyl acetate 108-05-4 >480mins >10mins <10mins >300mins >60mins >60mins >480mins >480mins
    xylene 1330-20-7 >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins <10mins >480mins >480mins

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