Water Rescue Products

Water, mud and ice rescue products are available from our sister company MFC International.  MFC International are a specialist manufacturer of inflatable rescue, recovery, and survival equipment based in Tonypandy, South Wales. Their equipment is used by fire brigades, mountain and lowland rescue, utilities, the military and humanitarian support organisations internationally and have earned an unrivalled reputation for product quality, durability and performance.

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Product Features

Our Water, Mud & Ice Rescue products include;

RS Series Rescue Sleds -flood water rescue craft for inshore crisis rescues and flooded urban and coastal areas. The Rescue Sled is available in five standard sizes 3, 5, 6, 10 & 15 person. The 3, 5 & 6 person sleds are ideal for swift-water and narrow access rescue.

AirTrack Rescue Paths- inflatable rescue paths used by the majority of the rescue services for accessing casualties during rescue on water, mud, ice and unstable terrain. Constructed in a catamaran shape, the Airtrack has two sponsons running lengthways down the underside of the path. This shape provides exceptional stability on water, especially during casualty recovery. It also offers clearance on ice, mud flats and unstable terrain, and prevents suction onto mud and soft surfaces.

Evacuation Rafts - lightweight and portable they are easy to manoeuvre, and can be paddled or pulled by hand. The Evacuation Raft has a flat bottom, making it exceptionally stable and suitable for use in very shallow water from 50mm in depth. The Evacuation Raft is ideal in flood rescue situations.

All Terrain Stretchers (API) -revolutionary rescue stretchers designed to provide safe handling of a casualty in an emergency rescue situation. Despite its robust construction, the API Stretcher is lightweight and easy for one person to carry, it is ideal for casualty recovery in tight or difficult to reach situations.

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Water Rescue Products

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