PRPS Training Suit

The PRPS-T is a training suit version of the PRPS (Powered Respirator Protective Suit) used extensively by CBRN emergency responders. Manufactured from hard-wearing PVC, with a removable (machine washable) neck seal and supplied with rechargeable batteries, the PRPS-T replicates the operational characteristics of the PRPS while simplifying re-use.

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Product Features

  • Respiratory system comprising of a battery powered 3M™ Jupiter™ air filter unit fitted with a visual display unit mounted inside the suit at the base of the visor, and audible alarm
  • Heavy duty gas-tight zip fitted across the chest enclosed by double external storm flaps with hook & loop fastener
  • Twin particulate training filters (at the rear) simulate operational CBRN filters and remove particulates and nuisance odours
  • Gas-tight locking cuff system for changing gloves
  • Dual glove system consisting of a Kemblok™ chemical barrier inner glove bonded to an outer neoprene or stanzoil surgical glove for mechanical protection
  • Choice of fixed or detachable chemical safety boots or sock feet
  • Semi-rigid laminated visor for clear undistorted vision
  • Detachable, machine washable neck seal
  • Two exhalation valves maintain a comfortable working pressure inside the suit
  • Clearly visible ‘TRAINING’ label on the rear of the suit
  • Rechargeable battery pack (NiMh) provides 1 hour operational use, plus 15 minutes for decontamination
  • Adjustable internal support belt


Used for training and simulation purposes only, the PRPS(T) is type-approved only as a Respiratory Protective Device to a 3M specification TS0085, based on the relevant requirements of EN12941:1998 class TH3. However, as PRPS, the maximum mass and battery duration requirements have been excluded. The PRPS(T) is not approved as Chemical Protective Clothing.

PRPS(T) provides respiratory protection against either liquid or gaseous chemicals to the level of EN12941:1998 TH3, nominal protection factor = 500.




Size Chest (cm) Height (cm)
Small 88-96 164-175
Medium 96-104 170-182
Large 104-112 176-188
X-Large 112-124 182-194
XX-Large 124-136 188-200


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PRPS Training Suit

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