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Splash Suits

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Splash Suits
Reusable Type 3 liquid-tight chemical splash suits

They provide a durable, cost effective solution for applications where the chemical hazard is known (e.g. industrial applications) and where decontamination facilities are readily available. The increased strength of material and options for reinforcement make reusable splash suits suitable for situations with a greater risk of abrasion or puncture. The locking cuffs fitted to the suit allow gloves to be selected (and changed) based on the application and chemicals being used. 

Limited life Type 3 liquid tight chemical splash suits provide an economical solution for dealing with a wide range of chemical and CBRN hazards. Particularly suitable for applications where suits are needed infrequently, where the type of hazard is unknown, or where decontamination facilities are limited - they are widely used by fire brigades, police, civil defence, transport and shipping companies.


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