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From high performance Gas Tight suits for use by emergency responders, to protective footwear. We have grouped our products by category below.

# Gas Tight Suits for Emergency Teams EN 943-2 Type 1A Emergency Teams (ET) gas-tight suits protect emergency responders from dangerous and toxic chemicals in liquid or gaseous form.
# Gas Tight Suits for Industry Industrial gas-tight suits certified to EN 943-1 Type 1 protect chemical workers from dangerous and toxic chemicals in liquid or gaseous form.
# CBRN Equipment A range of equipment for use by civil defence agencies, the emergency services and hospital A&E departments for mass decontamination of the public in the event of a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) incident.
# Splash Suits Limited life Type 3 liquid-tight chemical splash suits provide an economical solution for dealing with a wide range of chemical and CBRN hazards. Particularly suitable for applications where suits are needed infrequently or where the type of hazard is unknown.
# Air-Fed Chemical Garments Simplair reusable air-fed chemical suits and hoods are typically used in petrochemical and chemical applications and in pharmaceutical applications where there is no risk of cross-contamination.
# Powered Air Systems Powered respirator suits and hoods are available with a range of filters and materials, with the options available ranging from particulate filtration and barrier fabrics.
# Chemical Workwear Our chemical protective clothing is available in a wide range of materials to suit your particular application and chemical risk, please see our materials section for details on our fabrics physical performance and chemical permeation resistance.
# Particulate Garments A range of products offering particulate protection. Suits and hoods protect against fine particulates and are used by the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.
# Kemblok™ Gloves Manufactured using a high-performance seven-layer chemical barrier laminate material, Kemblok™ gloves provide excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals, including warfare agents and biological hazards.
# Protective Footwear The Workmaster™ range of boots and overboots are made in the UK at our state of the art automated boot factory. The injection moulding manufacturing process guarantees a seamless, leak-free construction and all our boots are REACH compliant.
# Air Supply Equipment A range of air supply equipment, including air filter boxes, air-line and hose reels.
Other Items A selection of sundry items including suits cleaning products, gas-tight testing units and more.

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