GTB™ Type 1 Gas-Tight Suit

The fully encapsulating GTB is a Type 1A enhanced robustness reusable gas tight suit covering both the wearer and breathing apparatus.

The suit is available in a range of chemically resistant fabrics, depending on the application and chemical challenge.

Materials available:


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Product Features

  • Encapsulating design for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) worn inside the suit
  • Gas-tight zip running from side of head to lower thigh
  • Protection against liquid & gaseous chemicals (Type 1), infective agents and chemical warfare agents
  • Gas-tight locking cuff system for changing gloves
  • Gloves compatible with the choice of suit material
  • Choice of fixed or detachable chemical safety boots or sock feet 
  • Two exhalation valves maintain a comfortable working pressure inside the suit
  • Chemically resistant, laminated, rigid visor providing clear undistorted vision and a wide field of view  
  • Bat-wing sleeves allow wearer to remove their hand from the glove to check gauges and other equipment inside the suit 
  • Adjustable internal support belt
  • Fifteen year shelf-life, with internal pressure test required annually or after each use
  • Internal pressure test based on ISO 17491-1:2012 (Clause 5.3, Method 2) conducted before despatch to confirm the suit is gas-tight
Chemical Permeation Data
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Chemical CAS Number Neoprene PVC C2 Butyl
acetaldehyde 75-07-0 >10mins <10mins >30mins
acetic acid, 10% 64-19-7 >480mins >480mins
acetic acid, glacial 64-19-7 >300mins >30mins >480mins
acetic anhydride 108-24-7 >300mins >10mins >480mins
acetone 67-64-1 >10mins >240mins
acetonitrile 75-05-8 >30mins <10mins >480mins
acetophenone 98-86-2 >30mins >30mins >480mins
acrylic acid 79-10-7 >180mins >30mins
acrylonitrile 107-13-1 >10mins >300mins
allyl chloride 107-05-01 <10mins <10mins <10mins
ammonia gas 7664-41-7 >480mins >480mins >480mins
ammonia solution, 35% 1336-21-6 >480mins >480mins >480mins
ammonium nitrate sat. 6484-52-2 >480mins
amyl acetate 628-63-7 >10mins >10mins >30mins
aniline 62-53-3 >60mins >60mins >480mins
aviation fuel n/a >120mins >480mins
benzene 71-43-2 <10mins <10mins >10mins
benzoyl chloride 98-88-4 >10mins >60mins
benzyl alcohol 100-51-6 >480mins >120mins >480mins
brake fluid Mobil DTE 25 n/a >120mins >120mins
bromine liquid 7726-95-6 >10mins <10mins
butadiene, 1,3- 106-99-0 >30mins
carbon disulphide 75-15-0 <10mins <10mins
chlorine gas 7782-50-5 >480mins >180mins >480mins
chlorobenzene 108-90-7 <10mins <10mins <10mins
chloroform 67-66-3 <10mins <10mins <10mins
chloromethane gas 74-87-3 >60mins >480mins
chlorosulphonic acid 7790-94-5 >10mins >10mins
cyclohexanone 108-94-1 >30mins >30mins >300mins
dibromomethane 74-95-3 <10mins >10mins
dichloromethane 75-09-2 <10mins <10mins
diethylamine 109-89-7 <10mins <10mins
dimethyl formamide 68-12-2 >30mins >10mins >480mins
dimethyl sulphate 77-78-1 >480mins >480mins
dimethylacetamide, N,N- 127-19-5 >30mins >10mins >480mins
epichlorohydrin 106-89-8 >10mins >480mins
ethanol 64-17-5 >480mins >60mins >480mins
ethyl acetate 141-78-6 <10mins <10mins >30mins
ethyl benzene 100-41-4 >10mins >10mins <10mins
ethylene oxide 75-21-8 >10mins
formaldehyde, 37% sol 50-00-0 >480mins >480mins
formic acid, 30% - 90% 64-18-6 >480mins >480mins
furfural 98-01-1 >60mins >10mins >480mins
heptane 142-82-5 >480mins <10mins
hexamethylene diisocyanate 822-06-0 >180mins >480mins >480mins
hexane 110-54-3 >10mins <10mins
hydrazine hydrate 7803-57-8 >480mins
hydrochloric acid 36% 7647-01-0 >480mins >480mins
hydrofluoric acid 48% 7664-39-3 >480mins >480mins >480mins
hydrofluoric acid 73% 7664-39-3 >240mins >10mins
hydrogen chloride gas 7647-01-0 >120mins
hydrogen fluoride gas 7664-39-3 >10mins >10mins
hydrogen fluoride liquid 7664-39-3 >10mins
hydrogen peroxide 27.5% 7722-84-1 >480mins >480mins
lactic acid, 40% 50-21-5 >480mins >480mins
methacrylic acid 79-41-4 >60mins >60mins >240mins
methane sulphonyl chloride 124-63-0 >180mins
methanol 67-56-1 >480mins >30mins >480mins
methyl acrylate 96-33-3 >10mins <10mins >30mins
methyl ethyl ketone (M.E.K) 2-butanone 78-93-3 <10mins >60mins
methyl methacrylate 80-62-6 <10mins >10mins
methyl vinyl ketone 78-94-4 >10mins <10mins >300mins
nitric acid 10% 7697-37-2 >480mins >480mins
nitric acid 60% - 70% 7697-37-2 >480mins >30mins >480mins
nitric acid, fuming 7697-37-2 >30mins
nitrobenzene 98-95-3 >60mins >30mins >480mins
oleum 30% 8014-95-7 >240mins >60mins >120mins
oxalic acid saturated solution 6153-56-6 >480mins >480mins
petrol - unleaded 8006-61-9 <10mins <10mins
phenol 85% aqueous 108-95-2 >360mins >480mins
phenol, liquid -41 °C 108-95-2 >60mins >30mins >120mins
phenol, solid 108-95-2 >480mins >300mins
phosgene 75-44-5 >10mins
phosphoric acid 20% 7664-38-2 >480mins >480mins
phosphoric acid 85% 7664-38-2 >480mins >480mins >480mins
phosphorus trichloride 7719-12-2 <10mins <10mins
potassium hydroxide 40% 1310-58-3 >480mins >480mins
propan-2-ol 67-63-0 >480mins >60mins >480mins
propylene oxide 75-56-9 <10mins >10mins
pyridine 110-86-1 >10mins <10mins >180mins
sodium hydroxide 40% 1310-73-2 >480mins >480mins >480mins
sodium hypochlorite 13% 7681-52-9 >480mins >480mins
styrene 100-42-5 >10mins >10mins
sulphur dioxide 7446-09-5 >480mins >480mins
sulphuric acid 10% - 50% 7664-93-9 >480mins >480mins >480mins
sulphuric acid 50% 7664-93-9 >480mins
sulphuric acid 99% 7664-93-9 >300mins >120mins >300mins
tetrachloroethylene 127-18-4 >10mins <10mins
tetrahydrofuran 109-99-9 <10mins <10mins <10mins
thionyl chloride 7719-09-7 <10mins
toluene 108-88-3 <10mins <10mins <10mins
toluene-2,4-diisocyanate 584-84-9 >60mins >60mins >480mins
toluidine, o- 95-53-4 >60mins >60mins >480mins
trichloroethylene 79-01-6 <10mins <10mins
triethylamine 121-44-8 >10mins >10mins >10mins
trifluoroacetic acid 76-05-1 >480mins >30mins
vinyl acetate 108-05-4 >10mins <10mins >60mins
xylene 1330-20-7 <10mins <10mins


TYPE 1A | EN 943-1:2015+A1:2019
Gas-Tight Chemical Protective Suits


  • Butyl
  • Neoprene
  • PVC C2


Size Chest (cm) Height (cm)
X Small 79-88 150-164
Small 88-96 164-170
Medium 96-104 170-176
Large 104-112 176-182
X-Large 112-124 182-188
XX-Large 124-136 188-194


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GTB™ Type 1 Gas-Tight Suit

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