Donaldson Portable Air Filter

A portable filter box to remove particles and odours.

The Ultrapure ALG 20 is applied when the breathing air is contaminated by the working process itself, as for example during sandblasting, varnishing, paint production, in chemical industries, in plastics industries or working places where the air quality is impaired. 

If the compressed air is centrally pre-purified and carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the compressed air do not exist, the Ultrapure ALG 20 with its two respectively three filter stages is used as an additional solution for purification application.

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Product Features

  • Mobile breathing air unit for up to 4 persons
  • Multi-stage purification incl. coalescence filter (1 or 2 stages) with Ultrapleat® technology and automatic condensate drain for the removal of oil aerosols and particles and activated carbon filter for the removal of oil vapours, hydrocarbon as well as taste and odours
  • Robust polymer housing with fap lid
  • Slewable filter unit for fast and easy maintenance of the filter stages
  • Multi-function block - all movable parts and all electronic components in a single function block integrated, therefore easy and time-saving maintenance
  • Incl. pressure reducer, pressure gauge and 4 hose couplings
  • Operating hours counter with integrated pressure switch counts only, if the unit is under operating pressure
  • Indication of exchange intervals of the filters via LED

Product Applications


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Donaldson Portable Air Filter

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