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PVC 300 EN.jpg
A flexible, fire retardant, calendared PVC foil. For particulate protection.
Butyl EN.jpg
A double faced Polyester fabric with a coating of Bromobutyl on both sides.
PVC C2 EN.jpg
Plasticised PVC coated onto both sides of a nylon substrate.
Chemprotex 300 EN.jpg
5-layered composite chemical barrier membrane laminated to a supporting substrate.
Chemprotex 400 EN.jpg
7-layer polythene chemical barrier laminated onto non-woven material.
Chemprotex X EN.jpg
Double-sided chemical barrier material for limited use gas-tight protective clothing garments. Incorporating a high-strength interliner fabric and an enhanced chemical barrier on both surfaces.
Chlorotex Material.jpg
A high-performance laminate material with a CSM (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene) rubber orange inner and red outer surface and an internal chemical barrier film.
Laminate Viton EN.jpg
Polyester fabric coated with one side Viton and one side weldable polyurethane + insert barrier
Neooprene EN.jpg
Double faced polyester fabric with a coating of Polychloroprene rubber on both sides.
Tychem TK EN.jpg
Nonwoven polyester staple fabric sandwiched between two proprietary non-halogenated barrier films.
VBP EN.jpg
Polyester fabric coated both sides, one side with fireproof butyl and one side with butyl with fireproof viton topcoat
VBV EN.jpg
Polyester fabric coated both sides, fireproof Viton with a butyl undercoat

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