RJS suits used during EU Bullseye CBRNe training

30 September 2022

RJS Suits at EU Bullseye Project Training

Respirex RJS suits were recently used during the final cross-sectoral exercise of the EU Bullseye project. First, second and third line responders trained together in Vught to respond to a new, unknown scenario, a drone attack in the metro station.

Bullseye is funded by the European Internal Security Fund Police. The project’s objective is to prepare European emergency services for a chemical or biological terrorist attack. 

Bullseye’s goal is to further improve the knowledge and skills of first responders in all EU member states on how to prevent terrorist attacks using CBRN agents and explosives, as well as on how to properly mitigate and respond to a chemical or biological attack. 

Respirex RJS Chemical Respirator Suits provide protection against a broad range of industrial chemicals and other agents found in civil emergency situations.

The respirator and loose-fitting hood provide cooling air over the head and through the suit, reducing heat stress and making the wearer more comfortable and better able to focus on tasks.

Photo credit: Crisis Centre Belgium

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