Respirex International Powers Up with Over 200 New Solar Panels at Redhill Manufacturing Site

13 October 2023


Image from Electron Green


As part of our commitment to green energy, we are pleased to have our new solar panel array installed at our Redhill factory site in Surrey.


The installation of over 200 solar panels at our Redhill manufacturing site is a clear example of how our business embraces renewable energy solutions to power our operations and minimize our environmental footprint. As the world moves toward a more sustainable future, this initiative underscores our vision of a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

In the first year, the panels will generate 89,000kW and will reduce our use of electricity from the grid by almost 25%. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint whilst giving us certainty about long-term energy expenditure.
We are the first company to use the brand-new solar panel funding of up to £1 bn from Electron Green.


Read the full BBC News article here.


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